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People & Places

Jesus – Son of God

Mary – Mother of Jesus

Joseph – Husband of Mary

Herod – King of Judah

Magi – ** Names to be added later (Religious history offers many combinations of 3 names of which I will not use here) There is no scriptural basis for the names, there were 3 gifts listed but the number of givers was not told, and finally, I do not want to copy anyone elses work and get hit for copyright violation. I have been some what dissapointed while looking up information on the Magi through the net. No one seems to incorporate the Biblical history of Daniel’s influence over the Medio-Persian Kings and the impact of Hebrew writings that would have motovaited the Magi to be looking toward Israel for the star declaring the coming of the King of Kings. 

————– Story line characters and nations ————

The path taken by the Company : The Silk Road – following the path through the Khyber Pass to the Caspian Sea and crossing to Baku. From Baku down to Nineveh. From Nineveh to Jerusaelm.

Persia – Mostly the current know empire of old

Media – Rhages  (made the hour glass and timing recorder pins)

India – the city Heptanesia which became Mumbai later (made the stand which everything mounts on)

The group coming from India arrived at Ghanzi early and were not happy. They should have gone by ship to Perspolis and then joined up with that group for the trek to Ghanzi. However, the leaders and counsel of Heptanesia were growing cold to the commitment and denied them the transport. Remaining faithful to their promise to bring their part, they made the trip by land and made themselves exile to their country. The company from Persepolis took them back with them to their city.

Persepolis – Old capital of Persia (made the quadrant and plumb)

Ghazni – Meeting place of the Magi

Rhages – city in Media, Birthplace of Noph’s Mother: Farah

Pushpapura which is present day Peshawar (The High Fort in Persian) South entrance to the Khyber Pass

Kabul – Near the northern entrance to the Khyber Pass

Both are major points along the old Silk Road

Badkube (Baku) is Persian for Beaten by Wind and is the capital of Azerbaijan





Children of the Magi – ** Names to be added later

Taellon – first counselor to house Xerxes, gifted in knowledge, wisdom, and languages. Designed the time pieces that were distributed at the last meetings of the Magi’s. Born in Pushpapura.

Farah – Noph’s mother. Born in Badkube and her son is heir to the throne in Badkube.
(Farah is the tallest woman in Pushpapura) The only one who is the same height as her husband.

Xerxes – King of the region of Pushpapura

Ilgar Nopherius Demar – Farah’s father, regent of Rhages and Badkube (old mede empire) Noph’s grandfather. Noted for his great strength and stature. Daughter is also.

Nopherius – son of Taellon (Taellon is 1st counselor to House Xerxes) Noph for short is very gifted in languages as his father and is taken on the trip with the King while his father heads the counsel in the Kings absence.

Armaes – trusted servant in the house of Taellon and steward of Noph.

Company of the Magi – ** Characters to be added later

Parves – Captian of the guard for House Xerxes (King of the remenant Persia empire)

Story Characters – ** For the storyline

Tarmala – daughter of Parves (Captain of the guard for House Xerxes King of Persia) betrothed to Efares and is several years older than Noph: Tarm for short: she is very athletic and trains with her father

Efares – son of Menon (Science Counselor to House Xerxes) works at the observatory & betrothed to Tarmala and is several years older than Noph.

** Most names are fictious and part of the filler story to make for interesting reading.